Babies are listed with their genetics and their price including shipping. Shipping is now included in the price of the dragon. Sex is NOT guaranteed, however I’ve sexed plenty of dragons and am rarely wrong. My preferred ship days are Monday and Wednesday. If the weather to your location is not good shipping may be pushed off until the weather is better as the safety of our animals is a high priority. If you have any other questions feel free to message me!
I sell everything on a first come, first serve basis. This means that a dragon is not sold until the payment has been received. If multiple people are interested in any dragon, it will be sold to the first person who sends payment regardless of who expressed interest first. However I do respond to people in order of when I receive messages so that does give the person who messages first the upper hand. I find this is the fairest way to do business for the both the customer and myself. 
It will be assumed that you have read over the Care Sheet and Terms and Conditions before you buy!
ON HOLD AB1. Male Hypo Trans. $275
SOLD AB14. Male Hypo Probable Het Trans Tiger. Lots of blue on the guy. $130
KS1. Female Hypo Tiger 66% Het Trans. $200
KS2. Male Hypo Tiger 66% Het Trans. $150
KS3. Male Hypo 66% Het Trans. $200
SOLD KS4. Male Trans Leather Tiger Het Hypo. $350
KS5. Male Hypo Trans Leather. Tail in shed and has bite marks that should fade with additional sheds. $250
SJ1. Female Hypo Tiger 50% Het Trans. Tail in shed and small bite mark at tip of tail. $200
PC1. Male Hypo Trans. Has little mark on head that should go away with additional sheds. $150
PC2. Female Hypo 66% Het Trans. Tail in shed. $125
PC3. Male Hypo Tiger 66% Het Trans. $135
PC4. Male Hypo Tiger 66% Het Trans. Body is in shed. $135
ON HOLD PC5. Female Hypo Trans Tiger. $200
PC6. Female Hypo 66% Het Trans. Tail in shed. $100
SOLD MR1. Male Hypo 66% Het Trans. From paradox mother. $250
AB2. Male Hypo Het Trans Tiger. $250
SOLD AB3. Female Hypo Trans color stripe. In full body shed. $300
AB4. Female Hypo Trans Tiger. In full body shed. $300
AB5. Male Hypo Het Trans Tiger. $225

  ***I am now offering wholesale lots. Please text me for additional info if interested. 210-846-9225 ***